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Oficios y profesiones

trades and professions

Of the 5.6 million graduates from a university, only 30% have a job related to what I studiedMEXICO CITY (30/Nov/2010). - In Mexico, home to more than 112 million people, of which 58.1% is in a working age, according to preliminary results of the Population and Housing Census 2010, National Institute of Statistics and Geography.Of these, 14.5% of the total population over age 24 had a university degree in 2005, mentions the institute.Choosing a career is very important in the life of every person, because, originally, is related to what is going to spend the rest of their lives and their professional and economic gains.The country has 5.6 million graduates a career. Of these, only 30% work in a job related to their field of study, says the Ministry of Education.Some of the biggest races are saturated administration, accounting, computer and systems engineering, communication sciences, marketing, and architecture, among others.According to the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, ANUIES, these professionals may be in open unemployment or at best, find jobs in occupations of low "quality."The listThe Job Portal, run by the Ministry of Labor Federal Government listed the highest paid professions in Mexico monthly.1. Physics (salary: 16 000 866 pesos). Responsible for research and analysis without transforming matter, in order to understand the relationships of balance and movement of bodies. It also measures the physical properties of the material systems by experiment.Graduates of this race is mainly engaged in research, higher education and heads of departments in companies.2. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation integral (salary: 16 thousand 654 pesos). Its work is based on the care and rehabilitation of physiological motion, trying to reinstate their patients to social and productive life.Working in health, social care, private hospitals and private companies.3. Naval and Aeronautical Engineering (salary: 16 thousand 144 pesos). The graduates have skills that enable the development, design, construct, repair, operate or manage vessels, equipment and air navigation facilities, also advising shipping companies.Graduates work as drivers of air transport, business, and doing maintenance on vehicles, machinery, equipment and instruments naval.4. Environmental Sciences (salary: 15 000 529 pesos). Professionals study living beings in their relationship with nature and seek to conserve the species and natural resources. Includes racing is meant to predict weather conditions in order to guide the traffic air, land and sea.They work in government offices, directors, managers and administrators from area businesses and public affairs.5. Geophysics and Geology (salary: 14 000 665 pesos). They are dedicated to the study of the earth, explore and exploit natural resources rationally subsoil, eg mineral resources and oil hydraulic. Evaluated; areas of high geological risk, as earthquake zones, volcanic and flood runoff.Geologists and geophysicists working in private companies and public institutions.6. Health Sciences and Public Health (salary: 14 000 231 pesos). Expats allowed to protect, promote and restore the health of patients and the community.trades and professions

Graduates of this career work as doctors, heads of departments in health care, social assistance, health area managers in companies and academics.7. Mining Engineering and Metallurgy (salary: 14 000 59 pesos). Their knowledge allows them to conduct research that assesses the importance of mineral resources and recommend techniques for removal. In addition, studying the exploitation of natural resources for power generation.Serve as leaders, supervisors extraction in mines, quarries and wells can labor for private companies or government.8. Mechanical Engineering (salary: 13 000 107 pesos). Mechanical engineers have the expertise to design, install, operate, repair, maintain and monitor the operation of equipment and industrial machinery.They may work in private manufacturing firms and individuals.9. Economics (salary: 12 000 873 pesos). The Economist is responsible for studying the way how society chooses the use of their resources to optimize their best. Its mission is to place economic problems in the social context, analyzing the costs and benefits of resource sharing in enterprises.Graduates can work in the financial sector, banks or financial institutions, secretariats of states, companies, among others.10. Craft and Industrial Design (salary: 12 thousand 441 pesos). The graduate has knowledge to design and decorate indoor and outdoor spaces, to create functional and pleasant environment in dwellings, buildings, shopping centers, among others.Also, plan and design prototypes of fabrics and patterns to enhance the quality of craftsmanship in relation to the development of clothing, rugs, carpets, etc..Mainly working as technical drawing, designers and the like in enterprises, institutions and public and private businesses.

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